Monday, July 29, 2013

Greetings from Your Long Lost Friend

Hello everyone.

It has been ages since I last posted.  I apologize and realize that I need to take a few moments to catch you up.  Things certainly have been busy around my house.  So here goes.

Things have really been interesting as it concerns Mom O'Lovey.  She has been on this alternative treatment now for the past few months.  It is awful....eating all kinds of organic and tasteless stuff.  She's drunk tons and tons of every kind of juice imagineable.  Then there are those awful coffee enemas....multiple times per day.  

I really thought this was a hopeless cause especially given the fact that she has stage four, terminal, metastatic lung cancer, that has spread to her lymph nodes, her liver, and her bones.

She had a CTSCAN a couple of weeks ago.  These showed that the tumors had shurnk.  So everyone is hopeful.  I guess I am slowly seeing the light too.  

We'll see.

My last post in March was at a very low point.  I was upset about her...and the fact that I felt so all alone.  Well, this appears to be changing too.

A man that I hav known for approximately 4 years has suddenly gotten "serious" and has expressed a deep interest in me.  As a result, I have fallen for him....  He's beautiful.  He's one year older than me.  Former military.  Massive chest....big biceps....and a wonderful and affectionate man.  This is promising!

So, I'm waiting....and hopeful. 

Will keep you posted now as things settle down with Mom O'Lovey.