Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Unexpected Blessings

Well, I'm at the end of another eventful year. I thought I had found true love in Chris, only to have it end in a rather bizarre fashion. He told me this tale of us not having "chemistry." He couldn't answer me when I said that something caused him to move from Wisconsin to my house and to sleep in my bed and I asked him what that was. Not only did it interject profound hurt...but when I wrote something on my Facebook page that was job-related, he assumed it was about him and some other guy...he defended me...and then sent me some rather nasty emails as a result. On top of all that, he had dinner with me a few weeks later and "apologized"...said that he was going to befriend me that very night. I said, "Don't bother." He also said that he was moving south to another area in Virginia not really far away...but just far enough.

But I found out by accident that he did not move there at all!

He moved back from whence he came: WISCONSIN. Why you may wonder? Well, he moved in with his former bf (the one before me). So, I am quite amazed at that. However, in looking back on that, he never really gave that guy up because they were on the telephone constantly every day. (He was also on the phone a similar amount of time with his ex-wife number 3.)

The funny thing about all this is that when he cleared his stuff out of my storage unit....and returned the key, the envelope had a return address of this place down in VA....but it was postmarked in Milwaukee. Not sure why he felt he had to play all the games, but he did.

So, based on all that and the fact that one of his "friends" called me up out of the blue one day to enlighten me about him, I've come to the conclusion that he never really loved me or cared for me. He was a user. It took a spell for me to get over. I basically threw my hands up in the air and said "I give up!"

In September I went on 4 dates with an American Catholic Priest. He was one year older than me. It was a nice time to socialize and slowly ease back into the dating whirl. I found myself to be on my guard...but still I enjoyed the time with him. It just didn't go anywhere and I backed off.

Then in October through mid-November I went on several dates with a man who is highly talented. A formally trained classical pianist who plays for one of the more prestigious outfits here in the DC area. He invited me to see him perform and it was awesome. I enjoyed my time with him...but his divorce from another man was taking up a lot of time and energy. His rehearsal schedule was also quite atrocious. So that one just slowly evaporated.

Finally, on the night before Thanksgiving, I received a WOOF on SCRUFF. Now, to share, I posted on there after Chris left and just basically put down everything that I was looking for in another man. I said that I was looking for someone to make me feel as though I really mattered. I explained that I am an old fashioned romantic. That I liked to travel....that I liked old cars....that I hate mechanical hookups....and at the bottom of my list i also said that I am a man of faith.

He said that he liked my profile very much....especially the part about being a man of faith....and my interest in monogamy (He had been partnered for 5 years...but his partner would hook up with men whenever he was out of town.).

We chatted for three hours. Then we adjourned to real phone texting....because he was flying back to his home in Minnesota (he had been here on business...but said that he was moving here in the spring. He did something no one else has ever done.....he kept the conversation going while he was 30,000 feet in the air! When he landed in Minnesota...we talked via phone call.

Something meshed. Something clicked. He announced that he had to meet me. So he scheduled a flight in for two weeks later and I picked him up at the airport. We spent that weekend together. It was magical! It was not about just sex. We talked....we looked at houses....we asked each other probing questions about our pasts. We asked each other about our desires and dreams....and following that weekend...things between us have continued to grow hotter.

I dropped him back at the airport.....he cried and sobbed all the way to the plane. I felt as though my heart was going to explode in my chest. And we have been in constant contact every day.

Then, yesterday, a curve ball was tossed at us. His firm withdrew his approval to move here...due to a restructure. He and I were both devastated He cried again. But we talked. I asked if he wanted this to end...or to continue. He said he wanted this to continue. I told him I was willing to do this....and so we have been strategizing about how to make this work via long distance. He is going to start looking for other places to work here. He's confident he can find something. In the meantime, we've been working to make his business trips joint rendezvous points. He became all choked up because he has never had anyone in his life to care enough to offer to do this. He was totally surprised by my response. He thought sure he was going to lose me.

I'm not sure what the future holds. But this man is wonderful on many different levels. He's a giver and I'm a giver. He's a man of faith. I'm a man of faith. We both like to travel. On top of all this he is 38 and I am 59. I don't know what he sees in me....but it is magical when we are together. He's adamant about not looking for a daddy...or a sugar daddy. He has his own career...his own money...and he says all he wants is someone to love him....and someone he can love and take care of of...and be taken care of by.

Never thought I'd attract a younger man...but I have..and he is my unexpected Christmas Blessing! or is that better described as a Christmas miracle?