Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Unexpected Heartbreak

Well, over the past three months, I have been flying high -- perhaps too high. This was because of the man who lit up my life in such a big way. Stan is his name and he lives not far from my hometown.

We have had some super rambunctious times together. We said that we were different and would make the long distance thing work. After all, he had one previously that had lasted a long time and the distance was far greater.

We sent cards....letters in long hand....emails.....texts....and then made arrangements to meet up regularly for a nice weekend together.

Everything was super fine!

I sent him long stemmed roses for Valentine's Day. He sent me roses too.

On Sunday he sent a new picture of himself to me. Told me how much he loved me.

Then yesterday morning -- the holiday -- he sent the text we all hate to hear....."I can't do this anymore. I need someone local.....I need and want more...."


In a text?

I'm pretty devastated...and don't know what to do. It hurts....probably worse than anything I had ever experienced with Lovey.

So, back at square 1.

This is so hard.