Monday, August 08, 2016

What a Week

I spent the week in Nashville, TN preparing for the marriage of my baby girl this past Saturday. It was quite an affair at an estate in Brentwood. I had my checkbook and took care of the bills. Now it's just a memory...but the wonderful memories we made! WOW!

As a single gay man, I got a bit melancholy during the ceremony and the reception. Not only was I an emotional wreck because of giving my daughter away....but, I had planned to have Stan with me during all the festivities. It was going to be my "coming out" so to speak...because I would be with the man I loved -- we would be very low key, yet make a statement. You know?

I thought of the millions of things we could have been doing to prepare for my daughter's day. Playing with the grandson in the Nashville....etc...etc...

But in typical Frank just didn't happen.


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