Tuesday, June 09, 2015

The Creep

As I have wondered through the merry world of gay male dating, I'm totally dumbfounded at the number of sick puppies that are in the ranks. Clearly, they have suffered some sort of trauma that has led them to act out in rather unhelpful ways. So about two weeks ago, I heard from such a man.

I'll call him THE CREEP or TC for short.

He wrote in response to my profile post on Match.Com. I have several photos posted there and I have an extensive description of what I'm looking for in a suitable mate. I DO NOT aggressively search those profiles and try to contact folks I think are interesting. I let them come to me...and figure if they are serious they will. Perhaps if I were more aggressive, I would have more success...but for now, I'm content for those who wish to contact me to do so.

TC wrote on an early Saturday morning. His note of introduction read:

"If you serious and can only catch for me then I am interested. Please let me know because no one ever seems to tell the truth on this site."

This should have tipped me off....but I gave him the benefit of the doubt and proceeded to chat cautiously.

Over the course of the conversation I learned that he was eight years younger than me. I found that he was a mechanical engineer and he owned his own home in a nearby jurisdiction. He kept saying that he wanted me to have his "milk"....and that once he gave it to me either through sex or orally, I was his. So when someone is talking this way over and over....and over and over.....this is really a bit offputting.

So, I ran a little experiment.

I decided to see just how serious this man was. He kept saying things like, I need to know that you are really serious and that you will be true only to me if I give myself to you.

So having heard this for the millionth time...I wrote back to him to say that I expected the same from him....and that "you will only be true to me" if I am intimate with you.


Wouldn't you know...NO RESPONSE.

So, TC is history. Although an attractive man....the feeling of dependent ownership scares me.

This reminds me of the other guy years ago who announced his undying love to me and his fedlity....and that we'd full around like bunnies when I was with him and going to the store...and doing other mundane tasks like emptying the garbage. The clincher to that one was when he said that he couldn't wait to share an erotic bowel movement with me!

Another story for another day.

No wonder I'm not looking.


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