Monday, March 06, 2017

Sometimes I Just Forget...

It's time to return to earth from Cloud 9.

When you have spent a hunk of the last several years wading through the jungle of the wilderness experience as I have, when the sunlight finally breaks through the dark gray clouds of loneliness and sadness, you become euphoric and for a time forget what life can really be like.

Such was what happened to me today.

One of my co-workers called in today to say that he wasn't feeling well and that he would not be in today. It hit me kind of oddly. It wasn't like him...but to be honest, I got so busy that I forgot about him until just before lunchtime. As I was headed out to our Café here in the building, I picked up my cellphone and I had a text message.

From Mr. Coworker.

He told me that he chose to take a mental health day because his boyfriend of over one year broke up with him on Friday. He was totally devastated. He just couldn't muster the umph to come to work...and he didn't want to tell our boss or our coworker what had happened to him.

I was honored that he told me. (We're out to each other.)

So I called him back to say that I was firmly in his corner and that he shouldn't hesitate if he needed anything. I told him that it sucked...but sometimes these things happened for a reason that will be revealed sometime in the future.

So time will tell.

Gosh I hurt for him.

I've been there a multitude of times. Having Chris in my life is such a blessing...but this tale has made me realize just how fragile relationships can be. Even the one I had with Lovey was fragile. I didn't understand how fragile that one was until I read her 7 page journal.

I just want to take care of what I have with Chris...without being paranoid and afraid. I suppose the key is to have open and free communication.

The one real thing to remember is to never take your special man or woman for granted. It can change.


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