Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Upcoming Decisions

As I have journeyed this road of being gay: coming to terms with it....losing my alone and experiencing hurt from a multitude of failed relationships and one night stands, I've never really felt forced to "come out" in a broad way. Since Lovey spent the last few months of our relationship outing me to everyone and anyone who would listen and providing them her spin of what a victim she was...I have assumed that everyone has known...and I've just thought it was no big deal. But in a few short weeks, I begin the next chapter with a loving man who will be living with me.

I have never been domiciled with another man. I've never felt like it would ever happen. Or that I would be fortunate to meet anyone who would want a permanent relationship with me...until now.

So this opens up a door of discovery. Do I make a grand pronouncement on Facebook? Do I come roaring out of the closet and scream it from the housetops?

Actually, that isn't my style. After all, how many straight people make grand pronouncements about themselves?

So I guess what my heart is telling me is that I'm just going to be honest about Chris without making a big deal about it. I'll begin showcasing him on Facebook. When we go on trips together....I'll take pictures of us....and let it speak for itself.

The onus is then placed on other people. If they have a burning desire to know about the nature of our relationship, then they can ask -- simply and we will be happy to tell them.

To be totally honest, I'm not interested in making any pronouncements to my extended family in WV. I feel very alienated with them. They offended me about the whole gay marriage flap with Kim Davis in their area. They gleefully hurled theirBibles at me. Another one of them defriended me because of the trans and gay people that I hang out with. She questioned my love of God and my feelings of being called into ministry. It was very hurtful.

So, in order to take good care of me....I have limited their toxic influences.

Besides I don't want Chris exposed to all that. He doesn't deserve any of that drama.

So I will proceed...low key. This is my style.


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