Monday, February 13, 2017

Another Week

It's Monday and I'm in quite a reflective mood. I'm pondering my weekend.

The high point was yesterday. I went to church and since I'm the Vice-Morderato, which in terms you can understand means I'm kind of like the Chairman of the Board of Deacons -- and in that role, I get to meet a variety of people. Our church is doing really well at the moment. The folks that come in all have their stories of woe. It makes anything I have to pale in comparison. Today there was a man who was the victim of domestic violence which seems to be rampant in the gay community. I never have quite understood the concept, but nonetheless it happens all too frequently. Another man who just survived a painful gay divorce. Another couple whose one partner is dealing with the after effects of lyme disease. And a new guy who is still in shock over the loss of his husband of 18 years.

Such is the life of a church. On the outside everything looks great, but underneath are people suffering from hurts, failures and heartache.

I realize that I can't fix all these problems. But my job at the church is to help provide a warm and welcoming environment that is safe and caring. Where people from all walks of faith and life can come and find a safe harbor to recover from their wounds, and feel love and acceptance.

I find it quite rewarding to be in this role. It has helped me to become more grounded in my faith and has taught me to draw on the pain of my life experience to hopefully help others..

So I begin another week at the office. The most exciting thing scheduled for me is the arrival of brand new bedroom furniture. It arrives on Friday. So, I'm kind of stoked since the old furniture is from the days of Lovey and Me. Never liked it and it's the only thing she did not take out of my house when she left.

So...moving forward....


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