Saturday, February 18, 2017


Yes, meeting Chris at Bob Evans that Wednesday morning was indeed magical. He said that when he pulled his car next to m34 he looked over and though I looked like a minister. I got out of my car and he got out of his. We smiled and he bounded over to me, gave me a big hug and a peck on the lips -- right in front of God and the whole town of Fredericksburg. It felt like I knew him all my life..andI looks at him and said, "Are you hungry?" He said, "Yes, I ams." So I invited him to com into the restaurant with him. We turned and as we walked toward the front door -- it happened!

I felt his hand touch mr on my back. It wasn't anything lewd or inappropriate...but it was warm...friendly...comforting... I chatted up the waitress and she gave us a nice booth and Chris and I spent three hours becoming better acquainted.

It wasn't one of those typical gay meet and greets. You know the kind, the kind where you look each other over....find a the deed then get acquainted. This was truly about good conversation...experience the chemistry....enjoy the magic of attraction and enjoying each other's presence.

Besides, he was headed back to Milwaukee driving.

We clicked profoundly. Much in common. Even a few friends in common.

It began a wonderful time of getting to know each other. Of marathon discussions about everything under the sun. Turns out that the main thing that caught his eye about my profile was I had put in there that i was a man of faith. He also was attracted to my profile picture; Turns out he was a former pastor. He had been married to three women. He had try to change his orientation, but realized it wasn't happening -- sound familiar? He had three kids. Two boys and a girl. As opposed to my two girls and a boy. One of his died in infancy.

He loves his faith with God...and has a strong relationship with God. Both his kids are younger than mine. His daughter graduates from college this spring. She is into the whole actin, writing and directing aspect of the arts...much like my daughter who lives in Nashville.

His living son is a former my son....and he was at Camp leJeune during the same time my son was there!

We have similar values.....similar hopes and dreams. We're both tired of the hook ups and mechanical sex. We want something deeper...emotional

He's 60 to my 58. We love the ocean and beach. We like to travel.

A jog actually dropped into his lap and he came for an interview. Our time together then was magical too. We made plans and decided to move in together. So in a few weeks we will be enjoying the prospect of living together.

I met his daughter...she is ver similar to mine. We hit it off.

When he returned to his hoe in Milwaukee....I actually felt lost. I felt like my chest would explode. More marathon telephone conversations....

Yes it's all happened fast. But he and I both have felt God at work here in drawing us together. He loves my church...and he and i both feel thet there is a ministry to b had in ministering to guys like us who have struggled with being gay...those who may be older who may feel that love has passed them by.... It hasn't.

So we're excited about this new beginning.

This new chapter of both our lives.

Aw...the adventures that await. Oh the stories to share here in OUT OF THE ASHES. I am so happy...and it's just like the proverbial phoenix that has risen from the heap of ashes...

I've come a very long way. It feels so good to have the love of a good man. An authentic man. A real man of faith. So, I'm running a rare picture of me for the blog. That's me with the hat. He's that cutey on the left! Sigh!


Anonymous Walter said...

This sounds like a happy and auspicious beginning. Kudos to you both, and best wishes for many more happy encounters.

12:17 PM  
Anonymous Stephen said...

Best wishes for the future. Btw, a handsome couple you two do make.

8:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best wishes. The two of you look very happy together. I enjoyed reading how you met.

10:05 PM  

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