Thursday, March 21, 2013

Always Hopeful -- Always Disappointed

Well, Frank has gotten several new queries from men as a result of one of my postings on those silly dating sites.  Here's an update:

1.  Mike - 69 yo, who works two buildings over from where I do.  He's attractive.  He's kind and gentle.  BUT...just found out he is married to a woman who does not know.  -- Buzzer sounds.  

2.  Mike - 42 yo,works not far from me, cute as can be, affectionate.  BUT...found out he is married to a woman.  His desires are for a man that can host for rip-roaring sex during the day.  Not really looking for a relationship -- Buzzer Sounds

3.  Edward -- 50something, lives just down the street from me.  Is single.  Wants to get to know me better.  He is single and available.  Not sure of his agenda.  Cautious.

4.  Mike - 58, works and lives in Maryland.  He is several counties over from where I am.  He is single  He had a longtime partner (over 20 years), but the partner died a number of years ago.  Mike is ready to date and get to know someone.  He likes my posting.  We've been corresponding for about a week.  He seems like a nice guy.

5.  Tim - early 50s, lives in my hometown.  He and I met in November and we clicked on a profound way.  We talk via telephone regularly.  Just found out that he is married and just now coming to terms with his gay feelings.  He doesn't know what to do about them.  -- Buzzer sounds.

6.  Brian -- early 40s.  This is "I Want to be Your Boyfriend."  Lives in the north end of the metro area in Silver Spring, MD.  Active duty military.  Single.  Comes across as very forward, intense, almost stalker material.  However in my discussions with him, he seems to just want a sex partner.  Someone that will get him off....and then that's it.  -- BUZZER sounds.

7.  Jeff -- 57, lives in NW DC near the Washington Cathedral.  Political celebrities live two houses down from him.  A bit snooty.  Name dropper.  Met on Friday...not truly impressed.  I think this one is dead in the water.  Not looking to hear from him again.

8.  Alex -- 54, lives in Silver Spring.  We dated for two months last fall.  A performer.  A diva.  Got mad because I have friends and had scheduled two back-to-back retreats long before I met him.  Complained of a variety of maladies.  Scheduled to visit his beach house.  Because of his anger about my retreats....offer recinded.  Nothing from him since early November.  Dead in the water.

9.  PDK - 61, lives in DC, been out on a number of occasions.  Seems to click on several levels.  Going through a lot of personal turmoil at present.  Not ready for anything serious.  Going through painful and ugly divorce.

10.  GRINDR DAVID - Attractive much younger man who is in the medical field.  Not sure of agenda there.  We talk frequently.

11.  GRINDR MARK -- 44, attractive, unemployed guy.  Been chatting frequently for about 6 months.  Singer

12.  DADDY HUNT ALLEN - 57, lives in New Jersey.  Opera Singer, nice looking guy.  Wants to come visit for a weekend.  He's even invited me to come see him perform in ROMEO & JULIET.  

None of these men are what I would say are truly serious prospects.  The BUZZER ringers are definitely not on my short list!  

Didn't really know how difficult Gay Male Dating is until I just wrote down the prospects from the last little while.    So, I am approaching the remain prospects cautiously.  

Do you blame me?  


Blogger TwoLives said...

Caution is pretty much a given.

As disappointed as you might be that so many of them get the buzzer, the fact that you started with so many prospects and still have some with potential is a very good thing. It seems to me that successful dating is a numbers game. Because you're putting the numbers up, it's only going to be a matter of time before you click with someone really great.

12:56 PM  
Blogger RB said...

Always Disappointed?? That's a pretty bad attitude to have. It only takes one guy, so even "usually" disappointed will eventually result in a good outcome for you.

5:58 PM  

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