Saturday, March 16, 2013

So Frank Goes On Another Date...

Well, I was invited out on another date last night.  I still am getting hits on one of my dating profiles.  So, I met this guy as planned at a restaurant.

It was in the gay area of DC.  Wall-to-wall gay men...and assorted straights.  It was a very comfortable atmosphere.

He and I had much in common.  I did notice that there was an atmosphere of "snootiness" and "snobbery" that appeared briefly at times -- but it wasn't overbearing or obnoxious.  I decided it was something I could deal with/manage.

We talked about all kinds of stuff.  His comments were peppered repeatedly with, "I don't now why I'm telling you all these things."  Curious comment to be used so often.

But there we were.  The meal was ended.

We walked out the door of the restaurant.  Said our goodbyes.  He went one direction.  I went the other.

Because he paid for the meal, I wrote him a note of thanks.  This morning he responded with a note of his own saying that he had a good time.  Kind of felt flat.  No real warmth.

I guess that was that.

On another front...and after I had left the restaurant, I went to another gay establishment not far away.  While seated and sipping my diet soda, a man caught my eye.  I thought nothing of it.   I continued to people-watch, next thing I know, nicely built stranger has saddled up next to me and chats me up.  Turns out he is from out of town, but comes to DC monthly, and is looking for quality friends.  So, we talked a while.  He was catching an early flight out today, but asked for my email address.  So, I gave him mine, he gave me his.

He wrote me a sweet warm note and thanked me for my friendliness.  He thinks I am "cool".  He's going to contact me when he comes back to town in a few weeks.

Life is full of twists and turns.  


Blogger RB said...

That's right. Good things can happen when you least expect it or come from a totally unexpected direction.

3:35 PM  

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