Monday, April 21, 2008


If you've spent any time exploring this blog, you know that my children are my life.

Plain and simple.

I have twin daughters who will be 24 years old on June 14, 2008. My son is 22.

Jessica (Twin #1) is serving the Peace Corps in El Salvador. Laura (Twin #2) is seeking her fortune in Nashville. Josh, my son, is the Marine who will hopefully return stateside this week to North Carolina. He plans to come here and spend some time with me before he reports to his new assignment in Texas. He and I plan to drive across country and I will help him get settled. Then I will fly back home.

When my girls were quite young.....we read fairy tales....and laughed and talked.....and played at the Castle Park, which was a playground that had this humongous wooden structure that looked a bit like a castle. We'd go there and have picnics in the summer and I would chase them through the castle...

One time we got these play evening gowns with tiaras....and they became princesses...and occasionally I got to be their prince.

Oh what special times....and I look back on those times with such fondness.

Sadly, somewhere along the way....they grew up. My clock struck princesses are gone.....the marriage is over.....and here I am left with my treasure trove of wonderful memories of all my children.

I'm getting used to the idea of being alone.

It's okay.

This morning I got up early to head into the office to get a project completed before everyone else got there. I flipped on my satellite radio to the contemporary Christian Music station....and there it was.

A song I had never heard before that sounded like I had written.

By the time I got to the garage of my office....I was sobbing...and I had melted into puddles.

The song is entitled, "Cinderella"...and it's by Steven Curtis Chapman. f

When I got home this evening, I downloaded it from ITunes. I also found his Web site...and found that the song plays on it. Here's the link...give it a lesson.

If you're the father of daughters....tell me if you dissolved into puddles like me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very touching...and then she'll be gone.
Our daughter is 23 and this summer we are going to meet her boyfriend's family and he is going to meet our extended family. So it sounds serious...but we don't want to get too spun up on it yet (your case with #2 is instructive)
Thanks for sharing.

10:44 AM  

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