Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Slow Going....

Trying to get this house already for the big party is slow going at best. I the past few months I have gotten innumerable amounts of garbage back full of shredded papers, the kids junk, and my junk thrown out. But as I look around, I seem to have tons more. I'm simply worn out.

I'll just keep doing a little bit at a time....and it gets done when it gets done.

Meanwhile, I've gotten responses from 48 people saying they are coming to my gathering. I've still not heard from two or three key families that I hope to hear from. So, we'll see.

My professional landscaping was completed yesterday. I loved the big old boxwoods that adorned the front of my property. However, they were beginnin to die...and there wasn't anything I could do with them. So, I had them taken totally out...and I have 15 news ones installed in their place. I also had a host of plants put in that should guarantee that something is blooming year round. I'll run before and after shots after I make it through this weekend.

Mom and Dad are on their way here as I write this. They are riding the train. Dad is little bit scary driving his car....and mother doesn't wish to offend him. So, she suggested the train... They've never done this before so I hope they have a really good time.

Stay tuned for periodic updates...


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