Monday, April 21, 2008

A Phone Call Out of the Blue

It was late Sunday Night.

My telephone rang.

It was Lovey.

I've had no communications with her of any kind for over a month.

She received my birthday invitation....and she said that it meant a lot to her to be invited.

I decided to take the "high road" because the kids would be here...and they wouldn't be seeing her unless she did come. So, I invited her.

That will certainly add an interesting dynamic to things, but whole adult life has been one interesting dynamic.

I won't be fawning over her.....or really paying any undue attention to everyone who has heard about Lovey will get to meet her in the flesh at my party.

She sounded a bit forlorn.

But that's not really my issue, is it?


Blogger Bear Me Out said...

You did the right thing! Graciousness and hospitality, however difficult we may sometimes perceive it to be, is the best course. And then let her just "be" there, attending to your stuff, not hers. (As long as she behaves herself)!

11:03 AM  
Blogger jen jen said...

I agree with bear me out. I caution you though, she will expect your attention to be focused on her, since your interactions with her have always been focused on her. Remember Frank, this is your time on your special day. Don't let here steal your parade.

3:47 PM  
Blogger bear said...

hehe, I agree with what these guys have said!

1:56 AM  

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